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Prof. (Dr.) Manoj K. Srivastava, Area Chairperson, Operations Management, Management Development Institute (MDI)- Gurgaon

Thanks for all your arrangement for this visit. t was an awesome visit for us, which was full of outstanding courtesy shown by all hotels and travel agent.
Especially Hotel Water Front in Pokhara was very good, we recommend it strongly to other tourists, just for your feedback.  Say thanks to your entire team for arranging such a nice holiday plan.

Convey our special thanks to Mr. Raushan at Nepal. He was courteous enough to inform us at every key instance. It helped us a lot in proper planning.

Convey my sincere thanks to Mr. Kanhaiya and Mr. Rajesh.

Thanks Mr. Ajay,  Mr. Kapil and  Mr. Shiv for all your support.

With Regards and New Year Wishes,

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